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about me.

Storytelling has always been a part of me.

Writing is like breathing; natural, freeing and essential.


As a teenager, my love of stories and words led me to journalism, which was my home for a few of years before I landed almost unexpectedly in education.

After more than 15 years as an educator, teaching continues to be a wonderfully challenging adventure. The thousands of students whom I have had the privilege to work with, both in Canada and in China, have breathed life into many of my characters and added fuel to my imagination. I love to teach and was content spinning stories in my classroom until now.


Now, the relentless push of stories has built up in my mind and I find myself propelled through the gateway of imagination and back into the world of writing.


Over the last decade, I have also collected a family of my own. My four children and my wife are a part of my writing as they are a part of the fabric of my world.


My family continually inspire, challenge and remind me to look at life from many different perspectives.

 My writing is a gift and a journey. I hope you will hop on board and join me in this adventure.

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