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Energetic Amputation

“Thank you for taking the time to see me Mr. Prime Minister. I really believe that the technology I’m going to show you today could have a positive impact that could free up large amounts of capital resources and be a benefit to all the people of Canada.” After weeks of practicing what he would say to the Prime Minister, James couldn’t believe the calm that he felt now that he was finally here. It wasn’t like this was the first time he had met with a world leader, but this was different. This was his country, his Prime Minister. This time he could really be making a difference in the lives of Canadians. All the years of research and testing, the breakthroughs and terrible setbacks, they were all culminating here, today.

The Prime Minister flipped through some of the pages in front of him and fixed James with an uncertain look. “I still am not sure that I understand exactly how this technology works. I mean, when you reference the human energy field, what exactly do you mean?”

James could hear the skepticism, but was completely unfazed by it. It had been nearly 18 years since he had done his first human experiments. He knew exactly what he was talking about. “Every living creature has an energy field that is measurable, it was first measured in 1938, so this field has a long history. In the appendix there are a variety of studies from Oxford, Stanford and Harvard on the subject if you would like to read more about the trajectory of this fascinating field. It is only however in more recent years that we have mastered the ability to measure and manipulate the micro sub-electro magnetic fields of the body, which are what makes the technology you see before you possible.”

“Go on.” The Prime Minister said, frowning slightly, but leaning forward, his head cocked to one side.

“My interest in this field began around twenty-five years ago, when my mother was in a terrible car accident and ended up losing her right arm. She experienced incessant phantom pains and there was no effective medical intervention. It planted a passion in me.” James paused for dramatic effect, “I knew if I could tap into her energy field, I could take the pain away.

“And you can?” The Prime Minister asked leaning forward.

“Yes sir, that and so much more.” James felt like a fisherman with a solid bite, now all he needed to do was slowly reel it in. “It isn’t just pain in the energetic field that we can remove. Now that we are able to make micro measurements we can remove severe trauma and emotional damage.”

“Remove emotional damage?” The Prime Minister’s eyebrows were raised so high they looked like they might disappear into his hairline.

James smiled at him and nodded sagely. “I believe there are close to twenty thousand Canadian military personnel suffering from PTSD, that’s a big strain on the country’s medical resources. We can alleviate the suffering and strain just by removing the trauma from their energy field.

This is of course only the beginning. Many repeat criminal offenders are also suffering from severe trauma. With a few well placed energetic incisions we would be able to lower the crime rate, especially in the case of violent crimes.”

“That’s impossible.” The Prime Minister breathed the words almost as a question.

“It isn’t at all sir, we have experienced extremely high levels of success, particularly in the past few years. Side effects are minimal and many could even be perceived as beneficial.”

The Prime Minister looked again through the papers in front of him, but now with a good deal more interest. “The trials look thorough,” he said pausing and reading for a moment, “some of the top physicists and biologists are listed as a part of this research.” The Prime Minister was still, only his eyes moved back and forth across the page drinking in the information before him. Then he frowned and looked back up at James. “Where was this research carried out?”

“We have worked in over a dozen different countries .” James answered reassuringly. “I could provide you information about where exactly the trials took place if there was one in particular you were interested in.”

James had not included the first few years of trials in the papers he had given the Prime Minister. He would not even allow himself to think of those days. The empty, staring eyes of the test subjects he had been given by governments who had little concern for human rights and much concern for power. He shuddered to think of the empty human shells he had left to dissolve in hidden prisons and institutions. Of course he had never killed anyone. He was no murderer, but even to himself he couldn’t admit that perhaps what he’d done might have been worse.

Things were different now. They had learned how to chip away at the aberrations in the outer energy field. It was all about subtlety, that’s what he’d come to understand over the years. How could he have known that the energy field could bleed, that even a small nick too far into the field could be worse than fatal.

“In the early days of our research, funding and participants were both harder to come by and so we had to go overseas to find governments willing to be a part of our vision. In the past few years we have been working more in Europe and the United States.”

“The main side effect listed is an increase in compliant behaviour.” The Prime Minister said again looking uncertain.

“Yes sir,” James answered, “we are not entirely sure if it is a side effect of the procedure, or merely the result of decreased trauma, but there is a definite increase in compliant behaviour

in nearly all of our test subjects.”

“What exactly does that mean?” He asked his eyes searching James’ face.

“Well sir, the test subjects were often people who had shown extremely aggressive, antisocial or destructive behaviours throughout their lives. However, after the procedure, they were much more inclined to follow rules and…” James’ words were left hanging in the air as one of the Prime Minister’s aides came bustling into the room. The Prime Minister excused himself and James felt his momentum slipping away. He tried to wait with a smile and a patience that he did not actually feel.

Eventually, the Prime Minister returned with a distracted air. “There are some matters that I must attend to. I really can only spare another minute.” He said, glancing at the large briefcase James had brought, but had yet to open. He hesitated for a moment and then looked James square in the eyes. “I’m not sure if the technology you are proposing has a place in Canada. It sounds a little like some kind of a lobotomy. What stance does the Human Rights Commission take on your research?”

“Prime Minister, I must be completely frank with you. Part of the reason we are approaching Canada with this technology is that we fear the repercussions of it falling into the wrong hands. There are governments who have approached us and who would like to use this as a way to try to pacify and control their people. This is not where we want our research to be used.

This technology can be the answer to alleviating pain and suffering, it should be used as a way to improve the quality of people’s lives. This is not a lobotomy, there is no damage of any kind done to the brain. There is nothing in our procedure that violates any Human Rights.” James could hear the desperation in his own voice and took a deep breath to regain his sense of balance and control. “Our newest research is eliminating the impulses that cause sexual urges towards children.” James saw the Prime Minister flinch slightly. “There are no other therapies that have been successful in rehabilitating pedophiles. Energetic cleansing has endless options.” There was a pause and James saw the Prime Ministers eyes again flicker towards his briefcase.

“It is something I will consider.” James heard his dismissal in the Prime Minister’s words and felt a kind of giddy desperation grip his heart.

“Of course sir. You know how to reach me.” He picked up his briefcase as though preparing to leave. “If you would like, I can show you my energy field before I go. At least it will give you a glimpse of the non-invasive nature of this technology.” The Prime Minister nodded his approval and James picked up his briefcase and removed a small tablet and a few other pieces of equipment. He put on what looked like a hair band and set up what appeared to be a camera and typed the password on his tablet. “Here Prime Minister, you can hold this.” He said handing the tablet into the man’s eagerly awaiting hands. “When I turn on this scanner, an image of my energy field will appear on the screen in front of you. You can zoom in or out like this, feel free to play around with it, this is just a scan, you can’t do any harm.” James pushed a button and watched as the Prime Minister stared with great interest at the images that appeared before him.

“This is fascinating.” The Prime Minister exclaimed as James explained the different parts of the micro sub-electro magnetic fields he could see on the screen.

“Would you like to see how your energy field compares with mine?” James asked, his heart hammering so hard in his chest, he felt that the sound was reverberating around the room.

The Prime Minister nodded his ascent and within a few minutes, James was showing him the

similarities and differences between their energy fields. As the Prime Minister stared at his own energetic imprint, James quickly made a few adjustments to the cameralike scanner pointed at the Prime Minister’s heart.

The Prime Minister didn’t notice the subtle changes in a few areas of his energy scan as he handed the tablet back into James’ shaking hands. “This is the right technology for Canada.” James said, taking a deep breath to steady his voice.

“It is.” The Prime Minister repeated a smile forming on his face.

“Together, we can end emotional suffering and build a more peaceful and productive society. This is the right choice.” James said gazing into the Prime Minister’s relaxed features.

“What could be better than that?” The Prime Minister looking at James and nodding his head compliantly.

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