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Rooted in Story

I was going to write about the destructive powers of apathy this week, but the blog felt heavy and sad. Before I’d even gotten to the bottom of the first page, I’d lost interest (and if I’m losing interest what hope is there for my readers!) 

For a moment, I felt like I had nothing else to say. My eyes kept drifting away from my keyboard to the book that was sitting innocently on the table, calling my name and enticing me to spend my time reading instead of writing.

After a brief inward struggle, I decided to meet my book halfway. I will persevere with my blog, but instead of expounding about the dangers of apathy, I’m going to entice you with the benefits of a good book.

I love books and am extremely grateful that I am able to enjoy them again. For most of the first year after my vaccine injury, I was able to read very little. The brain fog, dizziness, headaches and lack of energy all conspired to make reading arduous and unproductive. 

Audiobooks were a little better, but I found I could only listen to stories that were familiar and even that seemed to exacerbate my symptoms.

Slowly, through healing and learning about pacing, I’ve rebuilt my capacity to read. I read more slowly than I once did, but I also think I savour books and the experiences they contain all the more because of the time I had to spend without them.

The book that’s calling to me right now is called Rooted by Lyanda Lynn Haupt. It’s a beautifully written book that’s the ideal antidote for environmental apathy. It’s a book that invites the reader to wake up and really dive into the world around them with eyes, heart and mind all wide open.

This is a perfect book for me right now and I feel more alive and animated when I read it. It’s giving me just the right blend of science, nature and spirituality which resonates throughout my body.

I recommend this book because of the joy it’s bringing me, but I also know that it might not be the book for you right now. 

In which case I recommend a trip to the library, to shelves and shelves brimming with possibilities that you can sample for free!

I remember returning to the library with my kids after the two year Covid pause. My youngest was in grade three I think and was very in love with books. When we left the library weighed down with 20-30 of them (there were five of us), he turned to me and asked, “So, how much did all of that cost?”

I looked at him in surprise and said, “It’s free, we have to take the books back when we’re finished with them.”

He froze on the sidewalk, mouth open just staring at me. I thought at first that he was upset that we had to take the books back and so I started explaining more about library loans.

After a minute he cut me off and said in a just barely whispered reverence, “I can’t believe we can borrow all these books for free. We never need to go to a bookstore again!”

I invite you to tap into your childlike excitement and really wonder what all of those shelves could be holding for you. A book is so much more than a bunch of pieces of paper caught together in their cover’s embrace. A book can be a chance to relax, laugh, cry, learn or grow, it can be your next great adventure or the understanding and connection you were looking for. Some of my best friends are books, I’m sure they’re all dying to meet you.

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