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Contagious doesn’t need to be a four letter word.

We’ve all lived through Covid, a time where blame and illness became strangely intertwined. I remember vividly awaiting my first Covid test and wondering if I would be found guilty of

Covid. If I would be contagious.

Contagious has become a bad word, synonymous with illness, but it’s actually so much more than just viruses or bacteria that we can pass from one to another.

Thoughts and feelings are contagious. So contagious that they can create an epidemic of fear, hate and despair without even needing to leave social media.

The good news is that joy, love and kindness are equally contagious.

Have you ever walked into a room where people are laughing and found yourself laughing along without having any idea why?

Have you ever noticed that if someone says hello and smiles at you, you’re more likely to smile at the next person you see?

Making the world a better place is as simple as asking yourself, “What do I want people to catch from me today?”

And then acting accordingly.

You want a kinder world? Be kinder.

You want a more loving world? Be more loving.

You can argue all the reasons why it isn’t that simple. You can argue that being kind won’t bring an end to war and suffering, it won't end poverty or eradicate cancer.

You can argue as much as you want, but is arguing what you want people to catch from you today?


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