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The Common Sense Revolution

It is time for a Common Sense Revolution. A revolution that would support so many other important movements that are happening in the world. It would be simple, powerful and would eradicate prejudice and social injustice.

Imagine a world where common sense was common.

When common sense was named, I think there was a lot of hope behind that combination of words. Just stop for a moment and think about it. Think about sensing the things we all have in common. All humans have in common that we would rather be smiled at than shit on. Even if we just started there, just started with the idea that kindness is common sense, we as a species would start to move forward..

Common sense is, or should be based in the idea that everything we do is rooted in the common good. It was a term brought to life with an admirable level of optimism. But, that optimism has not been rewarded. A little stone cold realism needs to set in. It is great to be optimistic, but there still needs to be a plan a kind of worldwide call to action where we strive as a global community to put the common into common sense. (I would love to say, ‘put the common back into common sense, but I’m not sure that I can see a period in history where common sense has truly been for the masses.)

Maybe we could start with some big and obvious problems.

Could we start with a common sense approach to racism?

If common sense were indeed common, racism would not be able to maintain its current level of popularity.


Racism, like common sense, is badly named. Most of the time, the bias of one group of people against another is based more on colour or misconceptions . In order for racism to fit under common sense, a number of things would have to change. First, racists would have to show that they are able to distinguish accurately the people they are hating. They would have to show the delineations of what they consider to make up each race and provide scientific markers for the distinct differences they are choosing to prefer or dislike. In short they would have to show that it makes sense and is common to all and for the common good of us all.

White supremacy would not be a thing. The only white people are albinos who actually lack melanin in their skin. If pigmentation is a marker of some kind of achievement, then albinos should logically rule the world.

Common sense tells me that this is stupid.

Common sense lights a path that suggests that human worth should be measured in contribution to the planet and its population, rather than the skin’s ability to produce quantities and varieties of melanin. Being more prone to burning, peeling and skin cancer is not a logical leap to supremacy. It just isn’t common sense.

We don’t expect dogs and cats to take issue with each other because of differences with their fur colouring and yet humans have this bizarre colourism that is just plain and simply illogical. Perhaps dogs and cats may have already joined in on the Common Sense Revolution.

Common sense says if you have less guns, less people get shot. If you fund schools, more people learn. If you lie, people will not believe you.

Can you imagine what we could accomplish if common sense were to live up to its name? This is where you come in. Without you, the Common Sense Revolution cannot happen. Begin to model common sense in your day-to-day life. When you are about to lie to your spouse, gossip about your coworker, buy the latest disposable plastic gadget made by child slave labour. Ask yourself, “Is this rooted in common sense? Am I making a logical choice that will make joy, love, contentment and peace more common?”

The Common Sense Revolution starts now. It is finally time for sense to be common.

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